Flower Meadow Farm

We’re Involved in Our Community

In addition to providing healthful food and beautiful flowers, we participated in two educational events in 2016. We’re happy to take a baby goat to events to encourage people to approach and ask questions. We’ve had groups come to the farm for hands-on experience in raising produce and goats. We formerly employed a mentally handicapped young man for several years, and would love to do that again. He won a Goodwill Industries award for succeeding at a unique job! We’ve donated flowers to The Lord’s Diner, and produce to Kansas Foodbank. We’ll continue to explore opportunities.

We participated in an event sponsored by The FarmShop in May 2016 to promote Sustainable, Chemical-Free Agriculture with other farms.  We took along our little star Nigerian Dwarf doeling, Gidget.  She was a big hit with everyone, especially the kids.

Our table at the event covered with cut flowers, herbs and potted raspberry plants for sale.

Jayne talks about the farm with other participants while Gidget socializes with the kids.

Gidget is a charmer for sure and very comfortable around people.  Our early-on bottle feeding really pays off.

In October 2016, we were at the Bartlett Arboretum in Winfield, KS for the Third Annual EcoFest.

Our information table with posters showing the farm production bed development during the summer and fall.

Jayne discusses our farm and raising goats with people in attendance.

We had a lot of people stop by our display table fascinated by Gidget and interested in all the bed development Jayne got done on the farm.

Jayne and Gidget were invited on stage with Robin Macy (founder of The Dixie Chicks) to talk about Gidget and our goats.

Jayne tells the audience about Nigerian Dwarf goats. She and Gidget were invited onstage by Robin Macy, owner of the Arboretum and founder of The Dixie Chicks. A really exciting moment for them.